Frequently asked questions

Do you feed antibiotics or growth hormones?

Although antibiotics and growth hormones are safe we choose not use them at Wholly Cow Farms. We do not feed anything that would not be in a bovine specific diet.

Are the cattle fed grain?

We are a strictly grass fed and grass finished operation. We grow grass specifcally for our cattle and provide hay when grass production is low. We also provide minerals for cattle to provide necessary nutrients.

What measures do you take to assure tenderness?

We hang the carcass approximately 14 days, often referred to as "dry aging." This permits the meat to be cut to uniform thickness. The calm working conditions of cattle helps prevent any bruising of the muscle.

How do you finish cattle in the winter with no grass?

We provide bales of dry hay and free-range mineral for them to graze. Fescue and clovers are perennials that provide fall and spring forage. We also plant annual rye grass that allows for additional grazing between fall and spring

Why do you insist upon an Angus base for your beef?

Angus has specific characteristics that contribute to consistency, flavor and tenderness. Such as: maternal instincts, smaller frames, deeper heart girth, higher intra-muscular fat (IMF).

Is your beef USDA inspected?

Yes, our processor and meat is inspected by a USDA meat inspector on site. Bio-Security is a key consideration for our operation and this is as important to us as it is to you. Our beef is labeled with a USDA inspected stamp when buying by the package.

Do you offer tours of Wholly Cow Farms?

Yes! You are invited to visit the farm and inspect our operation first-hand. We offer a scenic setting and unrestricted access to the entire farm.