Frequently Asked Questions:

DO YOU FEED ANTIBIOTICS OR GROWTH HORMONES? No. And, we do not use: vaccinations, newspaper, candy bars---with the plastic (petroleum) wrappers, animal protein e.g., bone meal and other substances that would not be a bovine specific diet.

DO YOU USE SOY PRODUCTS IN THE ANIMAL'S FEED? No. We grow grass for our animals (they are herbivores ya know) and provide quality hay when grass growing has ceased for the season. They are supplied adequate mineral as the forage begins to lack nutrients. We do not feed corn, grain, or soybeans.   Grass fed and grass finished!

WHAT MEASURES DO YOU TAKE TO ASSURE FLAVOR? Our animals are fed a specific diet of multiple types of forages. The cool season forages include rye grass, fescue and clovers.   The warm season grasses include bermuda, crabgrass, lespedeza, and dallis grass until they are approximately 20-24 months of age. Feedlots are harvesting animals that are 12-13 months old at the same size it takes to grass finish ours in nearly two years. As you can see, nature takes its time to grow these animals to processing size, and we believe that is the right way, too!

WHAT MEASURES DO YOU TAKE TO ASSURE TENDERNESS? We hang the carcass approximately 14 days, often referred to as "Dry Aging." This permits the meat to be cut to uniform thickness. Also, our animals are managed quietly. They never get stressed and therefore never develop the off flavor from being confined and prodded into a tight pen. They "graze in a free range" environment until the day they are harvested a.k.a., "HUMANE TREATMENT".

HOW DO YOU FINISH CATTLE, IN WINTER MONTHS WHEN THERE IS NO GRASS TO GRAZE? We provide bales of dry hay and free range mineral for them to graze. Fescue and clovers are perennials that provide fall and spring forage. We also plant annual rye grass that allows for additional grazing between fall and spring.

WHY DO YOU INSIST UPON ANGUS BASE CATTLE FOR YOUR BEEF? To finish on grass, you need an animal with different genetics than what confinement feedlots use to grain finish. Angus has specific characteristics that contribute to consistency, flavor and tenderness. Such as: maternal instincts, smaller frames, deeper heart girth, higher intra-muscular fat (IMF). HEALTHY OMEGA 3 --- IS IN THE FAT OF THE ANIMAL.

DO YOU SELL QUARTERS AND HALVES? WHAT WILL IT WEIGH? We sell halves and 1/2 of halves. We do not sell front or hind – quarters, but we do sell mixed quarters. THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT AN ANIMAL WILL YIELD. At harvest, our animals live weight is approximately 1000 lbs. They yield 60+% or 600 lbs. --- Hot Hanging Weight. We remove another 35% with extensive de-boning and trimming. Finally, an animal yields approximately 400 pounds of retail beef. Therefore, a half is approximately 200 lbs. and a half of 1/2 is 100 lbs. Approximately half, respectively, will be burger. We have sold many by the halves and mixed quarters, but actually believe the customer is more satisfied with smaller amounts of the cuts they desire.

IF WE WANT SPECIAL CUTS OR VARIATIONS FROM YOUR STANDARD CUTS, CAN WE WORK WITH YOUR BUTCHER? YES! Our butcher is happy to fill special orders. You only need to give us a little advance notice and we will process the next animal to your specifications.

DO WE HAVE TO ORDER A SPECIFIC PACKAGE? No. You can order any cut and any quantity.

IS YOUR BEEF USDA INSPECTED? YES. Our processor and meat is inspected by a USDA meat inspector on site. Bio-Security is a key consideration for our operation and this is as important to us as it is to you. Our beef is labeled with a USDA inspected stamp when buying by the package.

HOW, WHEN... DO WE ORDER... WHOLLY COW BEEF? Any cut, any quantity, anytime! We operate out of our home...we are not a store. Therefore---we ask that you order a minimum of $100.00 per visit. You should order in advance: ryan@whollycowfarms.com or call 501-593-2666 (email preferred). We will contact you and make you aware of our beef supply and provide an approximate date you can pick it up on the farm. We will have it picked up, vacuum sealed, weighed and packaged for you.

DO YOU OFFER TOURS OF WHOLLY COW FARMS? YES. You are invited to visit the farm and inspect our operation --- first hand. We offer a scenic setting and un-restricted access to the entire farm.